Thursday, April 23, 2009

Epic Fail

Yes, that was all that was left. It wasn't much, maybe 3 big bites. Honestly though there was no way I could finish it. It was just not meant to be. My stomach just could not stomach the War Sauce.

War Sauce is HOT. Right away I was sweating like a big man doing stairs in 100 degree heat. You can feel every bite burn all the way down your throat, settle in your stomach, and just plain wreak havoc like nothing else I've experienced.

While the heat is significant, the bigger problem was holding it down. First, it didn't particularly taste good. All you get is heat. The texture is of a grainy chili paste as much as it is a sauce. Within the first few bites I knew the battle was going to be to keep it down.

A lot of the squirming and drinks in the video are me trying my best not vomit all over the table. This is coming from a person that when eating out would challenge people to combine whatever was on the table into a drink and then take money from those betting against me. Only with a zen-like focus did I get as far as I did with this War Sauce. The involuntary gag reflexes kicked in big time during the whole 2nd half of the sandwich until finallly, in an epic battle of wills, War Sauce would not be denied. I made my frantic, confused dash to the bathroom. Fin.

Anyway, thanks to my friends that came by to cheer me on and to the My BBQ staff for the crazy challenge that brought us together on a Wednesday night. Without further ado I present: DO Takes on the War Sauce Challenge.

The voices in the background you will hear are mostly cheerleader Ingrid, timely one liners by Rob, encouragement from Josh and Sara, Emily mostly talking trash, and a perhaps a comment made in disgust by Torey.


  1. a valiant effort. you actually did very well at concealing a lot of the pain that i'm sure you were quite immersed in for most of the video. in my opinion, what you should have documented was your trip to the bathroom. now that was a missed opportunity for something special.

  2. I think that the funniest part is that you are STILL showing the effects of that War Sauce today!

  3. Liz, you have a point about the real action goind down in the bathroom. Unfortunately, no one was willing to shoot the footage of me flopping and flailing around the bathroom in pain.

    True that, Sabrina. I hope my bloodshot eye returns to normal soon.