Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A DO original turkeyburger recipe: EL PAISA

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of turkey burgers. I constantly experiment trying to find new and exciting ways to prepare this high protein, low fat nomnomnomfest of a meal. People tend to think they are dry or boring, but that's cuz the ones they eat suck. Mine do not.

This isn't my signature turkey burger style, but it is a great change of pace. The one "weird" non-normal ingredient used is the nopal (cactus). Cactus, in my mind, is severely underused. The texture is great and the nice slight bitter flavor goes great with meat. Don't worry, Whitey, you don't have to venture to the bad part of town at the market where they only speak Mexican to get it- Safeway carries it.

The turkey burger itself can be cooked just as easily on pan over the stove with a little olive oil or on the grill. Have a little vino or a beer with this and you are set. Honestly, I don't know if you are worthy or not, but here comes the recipe. I shall call this one El Paisa.

Stuff you need:

Turkey burger patty- Just get Kirkland ones from Costco, Fancypants
Nopales (cactus)- Cut about the size of turkey burger patty and dethorned
Pepperjack cheese- or not if you are watching fat content
Green leaf lettuce
Chipotle aioli -Tapatio is a very acceptable subsititute if you are cheap or watching fat content
Your favorite bun- no not those kinds of buns, jerks
olive oil
garlic salt
Optional: slice of tomato- do it if in season!

Season your fully thawed turkey burger patty liberally as Nancy Pelosi with pepper, and not so liberally with garlic salt and thyme. A grill should be fairly hot to cook the turkey burger-if you hold your hand above it for 3 seconds you should feel the need to pull it back. Make sure to brush a bit of olive oil on the patty or else it might stick to the grill. On a gas stove- medium heat. Cook until the patty starts to brown, then flip and cook until the other side starts to brown.

Brush the cactus with olive oil and cook it until the bright green fades and the areas where the thorns were removed slightly brown. Season the cactus with salt to taste.

Toast bun.

Slap your turkey burger, cactus, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, chipotle aioli (or acceptable substitute), and optional tomato slice on that toasted bun and eat that mother like a savage.


pics posted later

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  1. i too am a connoisseur of the turkey burger. i must say the cactus idea intrigues; i might have to give your recipe a shot.... well, except for one thing- it is NOT o.k. to use a frozen patty, david. not o.k. you are taking a major nose dive in quality, moisture content and texture. shame on you.